International Journal of Digital Entrepreneurship and Business adopts double blind review process closely monitored by the editors. Editors undertake editorial review to assess the quality and type of submission before sending it to the review process. Manuscripts not meeting the scientific standards or are out of scope of the journal will not be considered for the reviewing process. Editors will also check the readability, grammatical usage and may ask for resubmission if papers don’t meet the necessary guidelines. Editor handling the manuscript will most likely make a decision within a day or two. The editor will then contact the corresponding author with the decision.


The entire review process of the articles submitted to IDEB are done online and digitally through OJS (Open Journal System). Authors must use the online submission system at our journal’s website for submitting their manuscript. All efforts are utilized to complete the entire process within two months from submission with the first decision on an average done within 7ndays to inform the status of their article.


Submission & Peer Review Process (Key Steps)

  • Author submits all required materials, including filling up the necessary information on the journal’s online system (OJS).
  • The submitted article is desk-checked by the editor(s) in terms of whether it is within the broad scope of the journal and has sufficient merit. Editor(s) also pay attention to the readability, grammar, similarity index (maximum 30%) and usage before considering for formally initiating the review process. The author will be informed quickly if their paper is rejected at this stage.
  • After initial approval by the editor, Completed submission is sent out to two reviewers .
  • Reviewers review the article and send it back to the editorial office for processing via OJS.
  • After initial review, Editor-in-Chief releases review comments to authors, if the article is to be considered for publication.
  • Authors are asked to respond to reviewers and make necessary corrections.
  • Article is sent out for re-review, based on initial reviewer(s) recommendations.
  • Editor-in-Chief may accept, reject, accept with minor alterations, or sent out for third review.
  • If accepted, author must submit final version.
  • Article is published in IDEB.